A Fresh Groom’s Mother Wedding Speech for 2015

Just like in many other circumstances, people are looking for ways to write fresh mother of the groom speeches. Obviously, one of the first things to cross your mind regarding such a situation is your son: will he be pleased, happy and excited about the speech? Or will you leave him with an impression like “whatever”? Fortunately, as a mother, you care more about him and you want to make sure that there’s more to the speech than just the “whatever” attitude.

To bring a fresh wedding speech you need to refresh your mind, and make sure it’s empty of thoughts that won’t help. For instance, one might say you need to read that book and learn. Well, even if you read a certain book it’s not a guarantee for you to learn enough about things. Every book will help you in some way or another. The good thing about it is that you can at least learn some helpful stuff. Download 25 Mother of the Groom Speech Examples

Clear state of mind

You need a very clear state of mind. Period. That’s one of the first principles to learn before reaching out to have a great speech. Clearness of mind brings patience. Patience reveals new solutions, maybe simple things, but at least you begin seeing them as solutions. So, before any good idea to rise, you need the clearest mind ever.

Once the cleared mind is ready for you, then you are definitely ready to create a masterpiece. A mother of the groom speech isn’t just about writing a speech, it’s dedication, commitment and expressing deep feelings from the bottom of your heart.

Express the feelings – part one

To express the feelings, the first thing you would need to do is identify them. You need to understand what feelings you have towards your son and the bride and only then you can express the feelings you have. Of course, you might have a lot of fears such as “what if she’s not the right woman for him” or something like “what happens if they are on a tight budget and don’t have enough money for their necessities”. Questions like these probably flooded the minds of many mothers and they have all tried to deal with the multitude of such emotions. Sometimes if you don’t pay enough attention, you soon find yourself taken down by the emotions and feelings. That means you will feel helpless and powerless, overtaken by so many concerns.CLICK HERE for MORE Examples More

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Tips for the Mother of the Groom Speech

Before the mother of the groom wedding speech, you need to be aware of some things. I am going to share useful tips, ideas which are very helpful if you take them into consideration. Obviously, I need everyone to understand that there aren’t so-called “fixed rules”. All the rules of the groom’s mother speech are those of common sense and natural things. Then, of course, there is a certain structure and style for such a speech and you can’t ignore those. Other than that – everything is flexible. Find HERE 25 Groom’s Mother Speech Examples

How to go about the mother of the groom speech structure

If you want to have a great structure for the wedding speech, then you need to consider how to make it as simple as possible. Firstly, you need to introduce the speech.The introduction is an important part, because it will keep the eyes fixed on you. If you fail to make it interesting enough, then it’s problematic due to boredom induced in the guests.

Then, after that part, you need to speak about your son. Of course, there are certain limits to that – you can’t write him a business profile and you can’t talk about him in a way that you sound as a marketing agent. It is not your son’s curriculum, so you need to leave unnecessary details out. You can’t talk about your son too much, because it’s not about exaggerating and furthermore – the bride is there too.

After speaking about the groom, you need to speak about your daughter-in-law. You can’t avoid speaking about the bride – especially because you’re the mother of the groom. Ideally, you have a friendship with her and know some basic things about her character, attitude and what matters to her in life. This is useful stuff because you can talk about her based on those things. Of course, you don’t need to keep it in a flattering way, just act normal and speak comfortably.

Then, before you get to propose a groom’s mother toast for the young couple, you can choose from a variety of things. In some cases, the mother of the groom writes a poem and dedicates it to the couple by reciting it or reading it from a paper. Reading from a paper is not always as personal – so you can try learning it (it works better). Another way is talking from a book, but shortly. I mean like you can choose a sentence or paragraph about love, marriage and then talk shortly about it. If you feel like you can do it without hurting your son, you can give some advices to them. Make sure you don’t go for moral lessons and stuff like that. It’s better to keep it to the point and to not give more than necessary. More

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Groom’s Mother Speech Advice

It is not an easy thing to be a mother, not to say that you’ll have to deal with many awkward or unpleasant situations but at the same time you’ll be fully rewarded. To see your child grow under your eyes is a marvellous experience, where you get to enjoy every part of being a parent. This all continues, until one day when your oldest son comes and tells you the good news: I’m getting married, or I want you to meet my fiancée. Click Here for More Groom’s Mother Speech Samples

From there on, everything starts to change, and you’ll feel how many winters and summers passed away with you watching over your children and now here’s one of the most important days of their lives. Like for any mother, the excitement grows as you reach the final weeks before the actual event.

One of the accustomed traditions is the mother of the groom speech, and in this case here are some great news that will put you right on the track with the art of writing and delivering a speech. There are two main factors that will influence you mostly. One starts with the fact that you are the mother of one of the most important characters at the wedding: the groom. That involves a lot of work especially in the area of holding a great speech that will most likely be mentioned after delivering it, and probably even weeks or months after.

groom's mother speeches

It is your moment to shine and to let all out for anyone to know how much you love your children and how much you appreciate to see how life made a man of your son. The other major influence comes from the established relationship with the audience. If you have been to more than one wedding and you’ve been asked to say a few words, then you’ll know that the audience has to feel connected with what you are saying and nonetheless feel involved in the conversation.

Here are a few tips on how to make things work when you have to face the moment of speaking in front of more than two or three people. After you’ve written your speech, making it all original and authentic, make sure that you spend some day to memorize it and rehearse it. Download 25 Speech Examples

This way you’ll get the opportunity to accustom yourself to speaking in front of someone more than three or four minutes. Simple but powerful phrases will make the difference from a plain and vague structure. The words are destined to touch the hearts of those present at your son’s wedding, not to make them wish that this moment wouldn’t have lasted so much. More

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Mother of the groom speech tips and ideas

The reason why we want to focus on the mother of the groom speech simplicity is that people will commonly explain things in ways that are so complicated, but only a few people will try to address real issues with simplicity before their eyes. Click Here for More Samples

A wedding speech is a unique celebration, an occasion to prove how something simple can turn into something really big. Thus, it is natural to say that writing your groom’s mother speech is not at all complicated. But then, why this article, why do you have to pay any attention to this guide? The reason is simple: here we have collected all the parts, thoughts, ideas and inspiration to ever be used in achieving your goals.

groom's mother toast

Getting ready for the speech

When you are getting ready, you need to have a good plan. By good plan I don’t necessarily mean a floor plan or an agenda full of ideas, but I do mean some other things similar to those.

wedding toastThe first concern, before going further into other things, is that you should measure your time. For instance, if you know you still have 3 months and 1 week until your son’s wedding, then you must make sure that you will use that time instead of wasting it.


But then, how will you use that time, you might ask? There are some ways to make that happen. Before rushing, desperately to find some ultimate or perfect solutions to what you have imagined for yourself, take a moment and relax. Write your own to do list before having the mother of the groom speech prepared. With your personal to do list, you will be able to write the speech preparations daily, on your list. This is because if you handle it and deal with it every single day, you won’t even notice you had to do it. More

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Groom’s Mother Wedding Speech

Family is one of the most important links that is established between people, it is where you feel protected and safe, it is also where you share those unique moments of feeling sad or happy depending on the day you had, but it’s that one place that forms your behavior and that settles you for the next to come in your life. Here you can download 25 Speech Examples

What is more exciting is the fact that every parent wants to see his child happy and with great achievements in life. As for the newly couple, what is most rewarding is to be with their friends and family on their wedding day. But they will also need all the support they can get as husband and wife, as a newly starting family.

mother of the groom wedding speech

In many countries there is this habit of sharing moments with the beloved ones under the form of a well-structured speech that comes out from the emotions and the memories perceived by someone close that has spent his or her entire life to take care of you, to raise you up in becoming the person you are today.

Someone’s speech can be recorded as a wonderful testimony which can be brought up to light on your wedding day. And who is not suited to do that, if not one of your parents? They are the ones who now know you better than anyone else who could have ever known you.

Let’s take a look at one of the most encountered speeches: the mother of the groom speech. Even though it might seem hard or tricky, the best way to start your introductory greeting is to be as sincere as you can be and to reduce also the level of what you are feeling then. More

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Mother of the Groom Speech Example

Formally, every mother of the groom speech should resemble to all of the other wedding speeches. Of course, there are certain differences in the language and formalities that are used, since the parents’ wedding speeches are of one tonality, whereas the best man speeches and the maid of honor speeches fall under a slightly different category of wedding speeches.
Download 25 Speech Samples
If the mother of the bride speech happens before you say your groom’s mother speech, you could keep some important ideas in your mind, because you can later add references in your speech to all of the ideas that have been mentioned and seemed really significant to you. Of course, the essence of your mother of the groom speech can’t be improvised on the fly, so you will need to be prepared well in advance.

the groom

Besides being prepared, you must focus on what you are about to say. You should make it sound interesting but meaningful to the wedding. If you like the following mother of the groom speech example, please don’t copy-paste it and please don’t use it “as is”, during your speech. The best thing to do is changing things around, until the resulting speech is good enough for your case.

Click Here for more Speech Examples

“Hello everyone! As the mother of John I am very pleased to begin my mother of the groom speech. I was intending to speak for an hour but now I have decided to go on for at least two hours! No, relax, I am taking 5 minutes only.I wish to announce that some people present here in this room – I don’t intend to say names – have made enormous efforts to get here. More
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Mother of the Groom Wedding Speech

mother of the groom speechWhenever a mother of the groom speech is needed, it’s a more awkward but still very special moment. It can be considered awkward because people expect the bride’s parents to give speeches, thus a mother of the groom wedding speech isn’t always needed. However, if the ceremony asks for it, you can’t go out there without some additional preparations.

So how your wedding speech should be constructed? The structure of this speech is similar to the structure of other wedding speeches. Of course, we’ll now go through the important parts and section of a well-constructed mother of the groom speech.
Before anything else, you need to welcome the guests and introduce yourself. Even if you think everybody knows who you are, that is not always true. Therefore, an introduction is good to go with. There is another thing people don’t use to their advantage while offering a mother speech. Usually, the bride’s parents have already spoken before your speech and you have listened to every word they said. That is of great help, as you can link the two speeches. How to link the speeches without “copying” the speeches you’ve just heard? Construct your own speech in a way that it is complementary to what has already been told. Make sure that what you are going to say is relevant and can somehow be linked to the mother of the bride speech and father of the bride speech. However, it is not mandatory to construct your speech on those two speeches!

Click Here for 25 Proven, Time-tested Wedding Speech Samples

In any case, you should write a sketch, way before the wedding ceremony ever occurred. Be prepared to say things that are needed to be said, be prepared to speak flawlessly even if your emotions are way over your head already. Do not create any tension and do not try bringing up offensive or negative things (even if there are facts that you consider important to say, but are disturbing to someone – leave them out).
First of all, it is a custom that you talk about the bride and her parents. What would you tell them? Speak from your heart but express your feelings towards them, tell them how happy you are that the two families are now united and how happy you are that your son made such a fine choose with this marriage.

Then, you can talk about your son. This is very important to you as a mother and very important to the invited ones as well. Emphasize his positive qualities and tell him that you are happy for him being a grown up man. Of course, you should also talk to the bride, giving her honest compliments. You can eventually include a short story to tell people how you met the bride and how you felt about her when you noticed that she is the woman who makes your son happy.

To close your mother of the groom speech, you can share words of advice or tell a relevant poem. Your speech should end with a toast to the newlyweds and the family union!


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Your Mother of the Groom Wedding Speech Plan

Most of us don’t usually deliver those heart felt speeches, especially to friends and family. It is a daunting experience. But it can be done, It has to be done, and it has to be perfect. Not only because it completes the day, and compliments the occasion, but also, you will be remembered. You will be remembered whether it is a good one, or a very bad one. So, there are no middle grounds. We have to deliver and we have to deliver a great mother of the groom speech. This can be done with some preparation:

    • Practice, practice, practice. Write your speech first, then make bullet points.
    • When speaking, Try and not talk too quickly. Smile more than usual.
    • It’s always good to engage the audience.
    • In your speech you will need to welcome the couple (bride and groom), as well as the rest of the guests, perhaps mentioning the absent ones.
    • Thank all that were involved in the day (best man, bridesmaids etc)
    • Tell your guests what the couple and groom mean to you.
    • Mention some good and funny memories.
    • Don’t forget some anecdotes about the groom and the day. Perhaps some funny story from his past.
    • Talk about his characters (in a funny way).
    • Finish off with a toast.

Don’t leave it to the last minute. Prepare your mother of the groom wedding speech now. If not, go to the professionals and get the best written work, modify it to fit your circumstances.

wedding speeches
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