A Fresh Groom’s Mother Wedding Speech for 2015

Just like in many other circumstances, people are looking for ways to write fresh mother of the groom speeches. Obviously, one of the first things to cross your mind regarding such a situation is your son: will he be pleased, happy and excited about the speech? Or will you leave him with an impression like “whatever”? Fortunately, as a mother, you care more about him and you want to make sure that there’s more to the speech than just the “whatever” attitude.

To bring a fresh wedding speech you need to refresh your mind, and make sure it’s empty of thoughts that won’t help. For instance, one might say you need to read that book and learn. Well, even if you read a certain book it’s not a guarantee for you to learn enough about things. Every book will help you in some way or another. The good thing about it is that you can at least learn some helpful stuff. Download 25 Mother of the Groom Speech Examples

Clear state of mind

You need a very clear state of mind. Period. That’s one of the first principles to learn before reaching out to have a great speech. Clearness of mind brings patience. Patience reveals new solutions, maybe simple things, but at least you begin seeing them as solutions. So, before any good idea to rise, you need the clearest mind ever.

Once the cleared mind is ready for you, then you are definitely ready to create a masterpiece. A mother of the groom speech isn’t just about writing a speech, it’s dedication, commitment and expressing deep feelings from the bottom of your heart.

Express the feelings – part one

To express the feelings, the first thing you would need to do is identify them. You need to understand what feelings you have towards your son and the bride and only then you can express the feelings you have. Of course, you might have a lot of fears such as “what if she’s not the right woman for him” or something like “what happens if they are on a tight budget and don’t have enough money for their necessities”. Questions like these probably flooded the minds of many mothers and they have all tried to deal with the multitude of such emotions. Sometimes if you don’t pay enough attention, you soon find yourself taken down by the emotions and feelings. That means you will feel helpless and powerless, overtaken by so many concerns.CLICK HERE for MORE Examples

You need to find out which feelings are good, constructive and worthy of being mentioned. If you have a strong fear, that is not of the things to mention. On the other hand if you are full of emotions because you know your son is now forming his own family and his own separate life, but you are aware that this is good for him and you are happy that he made it, then such a feeling might be good to mention.

A small deviation – handle problems wisely

You have probably realized that whether you want to admit it or not, you have some emotions and feelings that aren’t constructive at all. These feelings that aren’t as constructive as needed sometimes try to take control of your heart and mind. Obviously this taking-over isn’t always identifiable and can many times remain unnoticed. Still, you need to be in control.

How to be in control of problems that would come from your emotions? This is what we need to know as soon as possible. You need to know that whatever doesn’t help your son, won’t be mentioned in the speech either. So, if you see a negative feeling, such as something you had with your son in the past, you need to let it go. Yes, you might be right about it and your son might have been very wrong when he made that mistake. Still, letting it go is what works during the speech preparations and other similar times, so you need to make sure that you do that and the speech isn’t harmed by whatever happened in the past.

Express the feelings – part two

Now that you know more about the shocking reality of all kinds of feelings, you are empowered to handle them as needed. As a first attempt, try to act as if it was the wedding day already. Walk around in your room and talk in front of the mirror and walls, pretending that you are in front of the guests and family members presenting the mother of the groom speech. If you do this small and simple exercise as many days as possible, you will soon find yourself in a position that assures your readiness. Of course, this state of being ready can’t come in two days or two weeks, but it will definitely come in a month’s time or couple of months’ time. You need to give yourself enough time to enjoy every moment as days pass by, so that until you are there presenting your mother of the groom speech, you already had enough exercise and have been warmed up mentally and within your heart as well.

Then, you need to find the right way to make sure feelings will be expressed naturally. Being natural can only come when you are assured that everything is under control. If you don’t feel it, you can’t do it. How do you end up feeling you’re in control? Being prepared, along the fact that you know what you wanted to say for your son and his bride will probably do it.

Many times, people are mislead by being too anxious or excited about something. These things won’t help when the speech needs to be told, so you need to focus well-enough to make sure that your own heart’s feelings won’t become decoys for you.

Putting it all together

Once you feel you are closer, it is time to put up the words and practice even more. Your speech might have a sketch and there is a great probability that you already wrote some paragraphs for the final version. Still, these will go through revisions and editing a lot of times, even if you initially believe they are good “as is”.

Divide every piece of information into the different structural parts of the mother of the groom speech. The most important parts are the following:

1) The speech introduction. Needless to present what an introduction is, you know it must be there. I recommend that you also tell people, shortly, about who you are, like your name and how you are the mother of the groom.

2) This is the most important part, about your son. Here, you should make sure about talking with him and letting him know how much you appreciate the wedding and his decisions. He needs to hear such things from you, because if he doesn’t, it’s going to be hard after. Of course, all of this needs to be done addressing everyone, making a connection with the guests too. You can’t just look into your son’s eyes and expect everyone to notice that you are addressing them too. Make sure that you express everything you wanted to – if you forget to tell something, later it might be too late for that. Wedding moments don’t come back, so be quick!

Your son surely counts on you and he surely counts on hearing something great from your mouth. This is the same with his wife, so you must make sure you meet such simple needs.

3) The third part in a mother of the groom speech might be one of the favorite parts, because this is when it comes to women only. You can now address your new daughter-in-law. She must know what you feel towards her, and she must know how important it is for you that she entered your son’s life and your entire family’s life. If you tell her that she is now as your own daughter, a member of your now bigger family, she will surely appreciate and keep the remarks in mind. If you make her feel proud, she will be open towards you and she will always ask your son to have you over for dinner and much more. It is very important in such key moments that you create a good relationship with the new members of your family. After all, your grandchildren must be close enough to you, and that can only be achieved this way.

4) Many people prefer to then talk about advice, teaching the young couple. Not every couple will be happy about it, but most people will feel proud about being able to teach the youngsters. Still, I don’t always recommend that. You need to make sure that the newlyweds don’t mind and your way of expressing the “teachings” is not arrogant.

5) A toast proposal told from the bottom of your heart is the perfect ending for the mother of the groom speech. You don’t need to seek expert schemes and complicated stuff, so it’s simple enough to just lay out your thoughts and propose a toast for the couple in love.

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