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It is not an easy thing to be a mother, not to say that you’ll have to deal with many awkward or unpleasant situations but at the same time you’ll be fully rewarded. To see your child grow under your eyes is a marvellous experience, where you get to enjoy every part of being a parent. This all continues, until one day when your oldest son comes and tells you the good news: I’m getting married, or I want you to meet my fiancée. Click Here for More Groom’s Mother Speech Samples

From there on, everything starts to change, and you’ll feel how many winters and summers passed away with you watching over your children and now here’s one of the most important days of their lives. Like for any mother, the excitement grows as you reach the final weeks before the actual event.

One of the accustomed traditions is the mother of the groom speech, and in this case here are some great news that will put you right on the track with the art of writing and delivering a speech. There are two main factors that will influence you mostly. One starts with the fact that you are the mother of one of the most important characters at the wedding: the groom. That involves a lot of work especially in the area of holding a great speech that will most likely be mentioned after delivering it, and probably even weeks or months after.

groom's mother speeches

It is your moment to shine and to let all out for anyone to know how much you love your children and how much you appreciate to see how life made a man of your son. The other major influence comes from the established relationship with the audience. If you have been to more than one wedding and you’ve been asked to say a few words, then you’ll know that the audience has to feel connected with what you are saying and nonetheless feel involved in the conversation.

Here are a few tips on how to make things work when you have to face the moment of speaking in front of more than two or three people. After you’ve written your speech, making it all original and authentic, make sure that you spend some day to memorize it and rehearse it. Download 25 Speech Examples

This way you’ll get the opportunity to accustom yourself to speaking in front of someone more than three or four minutes. Simple but powerful phrases will make the difference from a plain and vague structure. The words are destined to touch the hearts of those present at your son’s wedding, not to make them wish that this moment wouldn’t have lasted so much.

Practice will gave you a confident attitude towards yourself and the situation and by reading it loudly, you’ll form a balanced and perfect diction, a well-structured plan including when to pause between the sentences. This will bring the wanted results, since you’ll leave the audience enjoying themselves and be caught in a moment of sincere thoughts. Yes, it will definitely give you not only the confidence that you need to make this work but it will make you be real, calm and natural as any person should be in this situation.

This is very important since you don’t want to transmit your anxiety, but you need to transmit your happiness as a mother who lived to see his son all grown up and finally settled. For every mother it is important to know his son is well and that he is marrying the woman of his dreams. I’m not saying that you’ll be lacking emotions, but it is important not to let any emotions become such as barriers in delivering the mother of the groom speech. Anyone who has children will understand how emotional a moment like this can be, and if you’ll succeed to make them empathize with your story line then you’ll gain their whole attention.

The public at weddings is usually very diverse, people of different ages and with various personalities gather together to be part of this event. So, if you’ve managed to get them all together at tables so far, and they’ve already started to enjoy themselves being at the reception, you shouldn’t have any problem to have them give you a few short moments of their time.

I mean few short moments of their time, because the part of delivering speeches (if they are not well composed and presented) can be quite boring, and in order to avoid this you should make it short, well-written original and add some humour. People might have had their share with listening to various speakers, but if you prove to them that you are unique at the end of your speech they will be infatuated with what you’ve succeed to do.

Simple is the best, because you’ll avoid memory loss of the phrases, you won’t pause too much between the lines of your speech and you’ll have at the end of the day a happy and very thankful son. Try as a mother to break the patterns of the usual speech context, write phrases that are authentic in your free time, and even if you took time to be informed on how to write a speech, leave your imagination to follow.

Every mother has inside of her rooted brilliant ideas about her children, since they have spent a lot of years together. Use your long lasting memories with your son to express what you are feeling. Offer support and admiration for how he turned out to be even in your speech. Learn to let others know what you are feeling and invite them to share this event with you.

At a wedding I’m sure that you’ve invited family, friends and relatives and even if not all of them know you many of them will know your personality. Adapt your speech according to the theme of the event. In this case your son’s wedding will be respected entirely and things will also be according to your preferences, or at least a part of them.

But by any means, try to avoid the trap of speaking with the guests like they are your co-workers or like you are at a conference. Try not to take your notes with you, if it is not necessary. In many cases people have the worst attitude towards delivering the speech. They are accustomed more to have their eyes pinned on their notes and not on establishing eye contact with those arrived at the wedding.

Besides the wishes that you have for your son, don’t forget to make some remarks towards his bride who has entered not only in your son’s life but in yours as well. I’m sure that you have tried to bond with her and made her feel welcome in your family, as well as your husband tried to do that. Talk about your first impressions since you’ve met her and how you see that they are fit for each other, and how since you’ve met her you’ve seen the positive impact that she had in your son’s life.

Don’t forget to mention her family as well, since now you are going to see each other more often and it is really important for them to know that their daughter is in good hands and not to forget that they will appreciate that you’ve seen and remarked their involvement in this wedding.

With these remarks about the bride and the family many people will have noticed that you really care about such aspects and that you are very grateful on how they’ve raised their daughter. Maybe half of the guests present at the wedding come from behalf of the bride’s part and half from your son’s part and yours too, as parents.

Another important tip that will help you is to understand that the way you transmit the information that you have in your heart can be quite difficult if you do not address it with the right body language or the right posture. When speaking in front of an audience avoid fixing some straight in the eye looks, because for some people this might seem uncomfortable thinking that you have something against them. More often you should try to smile and be as calm and serene as you can, look at everyone in the room and then slowly gaze your eyes towards the happy couple. Many times your eyes will indicate the person that you are looking at and that you are trying to establish a connection with her.

Your body should be relaxed during this entire process of presenting the groom’s mother wedding speech. Try not to show that you are very tense and express your feelings by calm and appropriate gestures that denote love and compassion, appreciation and happiness. Keep your hands closer to your body, without having them raised all the time in the air.

Your voice will have to be very soft and avoid the false conception that if you are speaking fast you’ll finish earlier. There might be people who will not understand what you have spoken or you didn’t give them time to react at all. But the other extreme should be taken into account as well. Avoid speaking too slowly, because that way people will react very differently from what you’ve expected them to react like and they might start speaking with each other and not paying attention to the speech.

The few first seconds from a speech are the most important since in those moments you earn the audience and you receive all their attention or you might fail to do so. The mother of the groom wedding speech should be felt with great emotions, past memories and present days, with a great wisdom and a mother’s love towards her son and her new daughter.

Your advices will help them overcome the difficulties of life and their new beginning will be more pleasant since one’s experience, which is that of a person who already passed through the gates of marriage can be of real aid. So your speech towards your son will be a real gift of wisdom and a real support. The only thing that will betray you in front of a crowd is the expressions of your heat gathered all up inside.

But don’t worry if you’ll cry, because anyone who is a mother of a married man or a parent who doesn’t have married children will understand and will stay besides you at this event. Just don’t forget to use long lasting mascara that won’t give you a hard time.

Your every word will mean a lot for the newlyweds as they embark on this journey of life and marriage, where they will need all the help and support they can get. When writing your groom’s mother speech, you should first take some time off to be more detached and have time to create. Start by seeing all in a positive manner since the attitude towards a thing will always make the difference. Take a pen and a note book and make a plan about what you are going to write about. With the sketch being made it will be a lot easier to write and then edit the whole text.

Link the words with your emotions and with your memories about beautiful moments, and remember always that what you present will reflect on the lives of those who listen to you. Think about what things you’ll like the people to remember the groom and the bride for and write about those. Give them a true story of their love from your perspective as a mother, because such honestly will surely be appreciated even years after the wedding occurred.

Make sure that you put the best script ever, try to capture those glimpses about their relation, how they met, how they fell in love and told you and your husband about the big news, what are the facts that brought them together and what you feel about this situation. Let your son know how happy you are that he is a fulfilled person and that he found such a wonderful woman to stay beside him and support him in every good deed of what he is doing.

A mother of the groom speech is a moment of sincerity and true love, where you as a mother share the catching moments of being a parent, but also share the emotions and reality of advancing from one stage to another, this step being accomplished by the moments when you see how your children are fulfilling their destinies.

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