Groom’s Mother Wedding Speech

Family is one of the most important links that is established between people, it is where you feel protected and safe, it is also where you share those unique moments of feeling sad or happy depending on the day you had, but it’s that one place that forms your behavior and that settles you for the next to come in your life. Here you can download 25 Speech Examples

What is more exciting is the fact that every parent wants to see his child happy and with great achievements in life. As for the newly couple, what is most rewarding is to be with their friends and family on their wedding day. But they will also need all the support they can get as husband and wife, as a newly starting family.

mother of the groom wedding speech

In many countries there is this habit of sharing moments with the beloved ones under the form of a well-structured speech that comes out from the emotions and the memories perceived by someone close that has spent his or her entire life to take care of you, to raise you up in becoming the person you are today.

Someone’s speech can be recorded as a wonderful testimony which can be brought up to light on your wedding day. And who is not suited to do that, if not one of your parents? They are the ones who now know you better than anyone else who could have ever known you.

Let’s take a look at one of the most encountered speeches: the mother of the groom speech. Even though it might seem hard or tricky, the best way to start your introductory greeting is to be as sincere as you can be and to reduce also the level of what you are feeling then.

Just start by presenting yourself, like who you are, what this wedding means to you, how you’ve watched your boy turn into a man and how happy you are that he has met the woman of his dreams, a woman will change his life for the best. Your words can be addressed to the audience and when the time is right in your speech, it can be addressed to the couple. Also, you can introduce some wishes for the best as they step together as a family in this life. To encourage them that you will always be his mother, but also that now you are like a second mother to his bride.

You can write your ending formula using a meaningful, life-full quote that will remain as a seal to their hearts and will make an impact to the hearts of the audience. You just have to be yourself, don’t express more than it should be expressed, and don’t let too many emotions destroy the speech that you’ve prepared.

At the reception after the wedding, find that perfect moment when all the eyes and the ears of the public will be sure to listen to what you have to say. Usually, it would be for the best to talk between the meals, when people already ate and are in a good mood and will surely appreciate a talk from heart to heart.

The mother of the groom speech can always be a memorable memory, because it’s one of the important days in your son’s life and your support will mean a lot to them. But before getting all the attention, you should practice it back home after you’ve designed a plan with what you are going to talk about, how long it would take.

Don’t write a speech that is too long or that has some words that don’t fit at all with this occasion, try to remember how it was for you when you find out that he is getting married, what was his reaction to you, if he was nervous to tell you about it or if he was excited. So, just write your speech according to what you’ve lived together, use the emotional states to capture audience attention. Because words, when they are spoken, can mean a lot to those who are good listeners, and those words that you’ve revealed in front of a crowd will be the ones that bring the desired impact and will let others know how you feel about a certain situation in this occasion and how you feel about your son’s wedding.

But it is not enough to only write the best speech as you can possibly create or write, or the funniest one or the happiest one. Although this counts too and it counts a lot, what is really important is to have adequate movements that will not inhibit the people who are listening to you, or who will not make them feel too awkward. And the first impression is very important, the first few seconds of speaking and acting in front of people will make them want to listen to all of what you want to say.

So, in order to be a good performer you should know that rehearsal in front of your closest friends and your family will definitely show you according to their opinions and their reactions how good your speech was, or what there is to improve it in order to make it right.

You can also evaluate yourself by taking a look in the mirror and start to sustain the speech in front of it. There, you will improve your face expression that will count a lot when you are transmitting something through the words, your pronunciation and the pause between sentences and words. You can always check out the time since you’ve started to talk and the minute you’ve ended, as mentioned earlier you don’t what the people and the couple to get bored because you rather want them to appreciate the day and their union.

When the actual speech will take place, your body language and your posture, and the look on your eyes will make a huge difference. An important fact is when you are speaking, don’t take a rigid posture or don’t gesticulate too much with your hands, you don’t want to induce a state of confusion or a state of agitation. Use your body language to express a familiar way, a loving and nurturing way, show in all as much love and compassion as you can give, use your body language in a natural way.

Try not to offer a body posture showing that you are at work, or that you want to impose to someone a word or a thought, let your hand to be free in the area of your body and don’t point them to someone in the audience like you were trying to make up a point. If you want to indicate in the area of the newly married couple, then you can easily gesticulate towards them.

And the last idea which is going to help you use your eyes to express what you’ve written in your speech, is to try to deliver your message by using your eyes. Don’t concentrate only on one person because you’ll feel too comfortable, and don’t concentrate the eyes on the beloved ones. Look to all the audience and try to create that bondage with them by your looks and with the lovely groom and his bride. You will be able to turn to them or just to look at them when the time comes, and then you’ll move all the looks from you to them, and this will prove to be of great help, especially if you are a person who has a higher level of emotions going on inside of her.

As the mother of the groom speech, you’ll be the one noticed since you’ve opened the mouth to present yourself and to speak to your son and his wife and to address the crowd. So all in all, don’t let your emotions overcome you and just feel free to offer a deep hearted testimony.

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