Mother of the Groom Speech Example

Formally, every mother of the groom speech should resemble to all of the other wedding speeches. Of course, there are certain differences in the language and formalities that are used, since the parents’ wedding speeches are of one tonality, whereas the best man speeches and the maid of honor speeches fall under a slightly different category of wedding speeches.
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If the mother of the bride speech happens before you say your groom’s mother speech, you could keep some important ideas in your mind, because you can later add references in your speech to all of the ideas that have been mentioned and seemed really significant to you. Of course, the essence of your mother of the groom speech can’t be improvised on the fly, so you will need to be prepared well in advance.

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Besides being prepared, you must focus on what you are about to say. You should make it sound interesting but meaningful to the wedding. If you like the following mother of the groom speech example, please don’t copy-paste it and please don’t use it “as is”, during your speech. The best thing to do is changing things around, until the resulting speech is good enough for your case.

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“Hello everyone! As the mother of John I am very pleased to begin my mother of the groom speech. I was intending to speak for an hour but now I have decided to go on for at least two hours! No, relax, I am taking 5 minutes only.I wish to announce that some people present here in this room – I don’t intend to say names – have made enormous efforts to get here. To the ones I just mentioned – thank you for coming!John and Marie have met 4 years ago. I remember when John told me he just met a girl on the internet, I thought it was another joke or another girl trying to make fun of my son. However, Marie wasn’t that girl. On the contrary, as soon as John first took her at our place and introduced her to me, I had felt a strong connection of friendship between me and Marie. We’ve been great friends ever since and I must say that my late-parenting on John had improved as well as John’s relationship with Marie had been constantly improving, all thanks to our friendship. I didn’t regret things and I won’t regret them further on either!John is a silent type of man, but he knows what he wants and he surely knows how to make others smile. He always had dozens of friends, because everyone felt great while being around John. As John always gave away so much of himself, after being with Marie, he also started getting happiness, understanding and appreciation from this fine lady.John, Marie – I am really happy that you are together and I wish you all the best from the bottom of my heart! Peter and I were discussing on this topic and we both agreed that you are a perfect couple. I am also happy to have Marie and her parents in my family and I am sure we’ll often have precious moments together. We had already met before and it’s been a real pleasure!Marie, please make sure that you learn how to prepare John’s favorite foods and please make sure that you are always supportive to him. John, please appreciate the kindness and love of your wife, Marie, and never forget to say <<Thank you!>>. Women need to feel that their efforts are observed and appreciated at the same time!

Please stand up everyone and toast for the new family of John and Marie!”

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