Mother of the Groom Speech Structure

mother of groom speech

For your mother of the groom speech, it is essential to know the right structure. You know, in essence the structure of a wedding speech does not only refer to the correctness or the order of it. Having the right structure can only be obtained if, in each part and section of the speech you will include the right information, the right words. FIND HERE 25 Mother of the Groom Speech Examples
There are very simple things you need to say, and if you get them right, people will feel great and everyone will go enthusiastically about your words and the entire performance. Is it a performance? After all, it is!

The right way to start the groom’s mother speech

In wedding speeches, an introduction can determine everything from the following sections of the speech. Let me put it this way: if the beginning is good, people might be very interested about what follows. If guests find the beginning boring or inappropriate, none of your future great words would count for them. Yes, it will turn into complete ignorance.

Then, you might feel frightened about this: what should you say? How to word it? What to omit saying? There are probably dozens of questions storming in your brain about starting your mother of the groom speech, but it’s all very simple. Download 25 Speech Templates

First off, you’d need to say something short and captivating. For introductions, everything that exceeds 20 seconds can easily be a failure. We live in the era of fast food and fast service, so you can expect everyone to expect fast speaking, always to the point, from your end. Knowing this, you probably won’t risk having a long intro.

Secondly, it’s all about how you say it. Try to connect with the guests, introduce yourself politely but shortly and then, maybe, you can add a short funny remark or joke. A word of warning with jokes: you need extra caution with any wedding jokes. Some are right and great to use, while others can mess up the atmosphere.

Talking about your son – a bit of relax time

If you are already gone through the introduction and people are still paying attention, you are a blessed speaker. You see, I’ve seen and heard about too many boring speeches to even count! It’s a disaster how great people can’t find the simple words to say the simple things. We do need to learn communication, like at least basic level.

So, anyway, you are now at the point of speaking about your son. The guests, especially his friends and closest family members will be highly interested to find out more about the couple. And then, let’s face it: some people are more interested in what the groom has gone through, and others care about the bride only. It’s always like that, no matter how perfect the wedding is. As a mother, you need to understand that while you could speak for hours about your son, it’s only time for a minute, or maximally two minutes. However, be careful whether you’d like to use two minutes or not – some people might just not accept that much!

It is good if you can start speaking about your son and his childhood. This should be a bit shorter and should only include very significant details. Some of the things you can include are:

  • How your son was as a kid, especially when other kids were around. Socially you can easily observe the behaviors of people, especially from your own family. Knowing them better and seeing them daily aids in understanding complicated details. So you do know how your son was: was he shy? Maybe he was helpful? Maybe he was dominant? Maybe he was an extrovert or an introvert? Whatever he acted like, you can mention that. Maybe his childhood and how he was (something a bit negative) might be a strong contrast with today. For example, shy kids sometimes turn out to be leaders when they grow up, true business men and women. If that is your son’s case (or similar) don’t hesitate to mention it.
  • What were his best moments throughout school and high school years? You should only mention the positive experiences and what he had right. I am sure everyone had something messed up, but if we can only speak about the mess, what is the purpose of it? You know, even if you still feel some pain inside your heart, when you think about some bad things your son did during high school, his wedding is not the moment to share such feelings. Negative aspects are to be kept private, between mother and son. So, when speaking about best moments, maybe your son had a lot of such moments. If that is the case, just make a resume of them – don’t mention all details. While fathers don’t tend to speak too much, mothers have a common tendency to recommend and commercialize their own sons, such as: enumerating all diplomas, talking about previous jobs, what cars he owned and so forth. That is not the case now and you should not do that, because it’s not a job interview he’s attending.
  • The moment of meeting her. Everyone is interested to find out details about the deep love between your son and his bride. Where did they meet? Did you know about the actual time they met, or only found out later? Did anyone have a clue when seeing them together in the first months that they might get married? What made you think they are perfect for each other, like even for marriage? If not, why you didn’t see it coming? Maybe it was that the kids didn’t want to say or maybe they kept more privacy and only disclosed when the time actually came and when they already planned the wedding’s date and details.
  • The ways they stayed together and in love, when they had some difficulties they had to fight against. It might have been moments such as accidents, diseases and other critical times. A lot of couples have such times and it’s exactly those moments that make them fall in love even more deeply. The guests who attend the wedding also want to find out every single romantic detail, such as the attitude, words spoken and other romantic ways of saying “I love you” in the hardest times.

However, all of these things must be properly worded and arranged. You can’t invent them on the go and you can’t go unprepared. You must make sure that you have the proper length of the message about your son. The only way to find that out is by measuring the time while you speak, at home, before the wedding comes (like weeks or months before). Then, you also need a right body posture to speak – you don’t need to be agitated or distracted by anything, just calm and natural, speaking not too slowly but not too quickly either.

As you can see, there are details to pay attention to. Whether or not you will follow these simple guidelines? It’s only up to your choice!

The bride is next!

Then, after you have spoken about your son, the same amount of time should be given to speaking about the bride. As women, you certainly had your times together, when you managed to talk about certain aspects of life.

You can tell everyone how the bride feels about your son. I am sure she told you and you know, because it’s not a secret, so it’s time everyone gets a sense of the love going on between these in-love “kids” of yours.

Speaking about having kids – there’s a hidden key in here. More specifically, the bride should know that you consider her as important as if she was your own daughter. If you think she knows it already, it’s not good and it’s not enough. People must hear about this and she must hear about this publicly. If you told her before the wedding, in private, something like: “Sarah, I really appreciate you and I am happy for John and you. I consider you as my own daughter, so dear!” then it’s just in private. She might still think something like “yeah, she wanted to get my secrets” or “she faked it” or similar. When you speak the same words or even more elevated words in public – the bride will be shocked in a positive manner and she will remember for good. Such practices also strengthen relationships. Let’s focus on the relationships now!

So, as you speak about the bride, some relationships go better or worse after. Primarily, it’s all about your son. If your son has arguments with your daughter-in-law, you will probably have a hard time inviting them or meeting them somewhere else. They won’t come. However, if you have a good relationship with your son’s chosen one and she considers you as a mother and a friend, then she will tell your son to visit you more often or if the distance doesn’t allow it, at least she will tell him to call you many times every week. Such small details matter, because as you grow older, family is all you have. Then, at the wedding, it’s also about the relatives of the bride, especially her siblings and parents. If you say good words and attentive words, they will want to connect with your family. If not, they will try and keep some decent distance!

Words of wisdom might be useful

Many mothers prefer to share words of wisdom. Obviously, for a mother of the groom speech, it’s not a bad idea, not at all! Still, some modern moms believe it’s not the best thing to do. However, if you have a feeling deep down your heart and you know it’s right, just tell the couple. They won’t mind, I am sure!

Alternatively, you can quote books, movies, and postcards – whatever you find appropriate. You can even tell a short joke or one-liner – anything that speaks about marriage, love, staying together in hard times, wisdom in marriage, and so forth. Many things can be included here, but you can only choose one that doesn’t exceed 30 seconds or maximally a minute.

Ending the mother of the groom speech – do it the right way!

The right way to end the mother of the groom speech is by standing up, asking everyone to pay attention and proposing a toast for the couple. You don’t need to quote other toast proposals, all you need to do is tell your own and make it as original as you can. People respect original thoughts and even if it doesn’t sound as poetic as quotes, it’s more welcome!

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