Mother of the groom speech tips and ideas

The reason why we want to focus on the mother of the groom speech simplicity is that people will commonly explain things in ways that are so complicated, but only a few people will try to address real issues with simplicity before their eyes. Click Here for More Samples

A wedding speech is a unique celebration, an occasion to prove how something simple can turn into something really big. Thus, it is natural to say that writing your groom’s mother speech is not at all complicated. But then, why this article, why do you have to pay any attention to this guide? The reason is simple: here we have collected all the parts, thoughts, ideas and inspiration to ever be used in achieving your goals.

groom's mother toast

Getting ready for the speech

When you are getting ready, you need to have a good plan. By good plan I don’t necessarily mean a floor plan or an agenda full of ideas, but I do mean some other things similar to those.

wedding toastThe first concern, before going further into other things, is that you should measure your time. For instance, if you know you still have 3 months and 1 week until your son’s wedding, then you must make sure that you will use that time instead of wasting it.


But then, how will you use that time, you might ask? There are some ways to make that happen. Before rushing, desperately to find some ultimate or perfect solutions to what you have imagined for yourself, take a moment and relax. Write your own to do list before having the mother of the groom speech prepared. With your personal to do list, you will be able to write the speech preparations daily, on your list. This is because if you handle it and deal with it every single day, you won’t even notice you had to do it.

Another key thing about the to-do list you wrote is that items that appear on your personal list are to be taken step by step, one by one. Until you didn’t deal with point 1, you can’t proceed to point 2. This is because if your attention gets to be distributed, you won’t even notice that you end up doing a whole lot of mess. If you simply have a mess around you, it’s very hard to prosper, it’s very hard to get things off the list. But, on the other hand, if there is order, if you know how you did this and that, then you easily fly above all problems and difficulties, constantly landing on solutions.

But how do you go about writing the mother of the groom speech daily? Isn’t it too much? No, it is just the perfect amount of time and dedication to make sure that your speech, on the wedding day, is something perfect, coming from the sincerity of the depths of your heart.

The speech as it is getting prepared on the first days

The first days, from the day you know the wedding is approaching, are mostly a mess. This happens because you start worrying about a thousand things and you end up asking yourself hundreds of unnecessary questions. Instead of this common fault and instead of this wrong common mentality, try to think about it as this: you need to write the mother of the groom speech and you will write it perfectly.

The first ideas that cross your mind are always too many. You simply start by remembering all the days your son had, the times when he was just a baby, the times you took him to school and so on. However, this much of the story is not required in your speech. Choose an inspiring, very nice part of a story he lived throughout his life and then talk about that.

The first days are generally just about you writing dozens of simple, short ideas, without a structure, without having some sentences that are flowing one after another. If this is the current state of the preparations for your speech, then you are on the right track. What you need to do next is keep taking the notes, the ideas and just let them stay there on a sheet (or more) of paper.

Sorting it all out

Then, you find a bit of a mess with your speech ideas. That is not a problem, because all of that is under control as you proceed. You can simply decide on the necessary and unnecessary ideas. If you find any ideas that might appear twice or more times, all you have to do with them is to erase them, forget them and stick to the ideas that are to appear in the final version of your speech.

Sorting out also means that you talk to your son. You can find out how he is feeling, how things are going in his life. However, don’t be pushy in such a stressful time, and make sure to give him the space he needs. If you put yourself into his position, you will quickly realize that he is going under a lot of pressure, he doesn’t know how many things will turn out in the end and he is trying to make sure everything is perfect.

What role does this have concerning your mother of the groom speech? The main role is that in your speech, you can mention some words of wisdom or some other parts in which you prove, with your own words, that you have paid a lot of attention to how your son felt, what he went through and how life was for him before the wedding so that you can encourage him throughout the speech, for all the things that will follow after.

Making sure you use the right words

Making sure to be using the right words with your mother of the groom speech involves more aspects. First of all, you must make sure that you know how a speech must sound like. Now, the question comes and you would normally ask: is there a scheme, a general template to let us know how the tonality, the expressivity and the other parts of your speech should be?

The short answer is no. The longer answer would go like this. Firstly, there is no such thing as a rule on how many parts a mother of the groom speech should have. It can have 3, 4 or more parts. This is up to you. However, there is another rule, which obviously tells us that a speech must never exceed 5-6 minutes of length. The reason for this rule, which will probably appear in many articles, in many books and training materials is all about the guests that are present at the wedding. If people are calm, that doesn’t mean you can have a lengthy speech. Remember, people won’t run out full of stress to shout at you that they don’t care about your speech, but they won’t care about it if it gets too long. Of course, there are some rare cases when 10 minutes are permitted for the mother of the groom. But, please, do not wrongly assume that those permitted minutes go with your case and apply for the wedding of your son and his bride.

For instance, let’s compare two mother of the groom speech introductions to have a better picture on what’s good and what’s wrong.

First version: “Hi, guys. I am so happy you came, I am super excited. Such an amazing wedding, isn’t it? So, let me talk about my son then.”

Second version: “Dear guests, dear family members, I am very proud to share these moments with you. My emotions overflow my heart already as I am talking to you, and I would like to thank you all for being here, because it has been an amazing wedding so far and I am sure it will become even better as I speak. My son is now in focus, so let’s clap for his happiness, because we are all happy for him and the lovely bride.”

What is the difference about the two versions? Yes, obviously, the second one is a bit lengthier. Does length make the difference here? Definitely not, because that isn’t the point. The true difference between the two introductions is using the wrong or the right words. While essentially the two introductions mean the same things, they are very different. The first introduction is too simple and it is spoken in a conversation language, highly informal. However, the second version, although it is talking about the same things, has a good level and amount of formalism within.

So, yes, using the right words means:

  • The mother of the groom speech is spoken formally. Don’t be conversational, as it is a wedding speech. Show true respect instead!
  • You address everyone and you make sure that the tone of your voice and the words you say reflect the wedding mood. If that doesn’t happen, you can’t connect with the guests.
  • You can talk simply, as long as you are formal.
  • However, extreme formalism is not needed. Being too formal will never help you speak a better speech.

Connecting the right structural parts of your speech

There are certain structural parts of the speech that are necessary. Yes, there are some basic rules, but these ones will allow flexibility too. So, what is this all about? Let me explain and lay out some examples for you!

Above, if you paid some attention, using the right words is an essential part of the entire mother of the groom speech construction. Then, all you have to do, is respect the structural parts of the speech. You have already seen an example of the introduction. As you now acknowledged, you can’t speak without an introduction. However, you can change any introduction with some creative welcoming. But still, no matter how you alter it, it will still have to be in place, in order to have a good speech.

So then, what comes after the introduction?

The next very delicate and mandatory part is talking about your son. Here, you must really avoid any unpleasant stories or things that will put your son in an uncomfortable position. Teasing him with the occasion of the mother of the groom speech is not the solution, because all you want to do now is make him feel happy and comfortable with your presence, even if he is now a part of his own family, taking every responsibility upon his own head by marrying his bride.

You can obviously tell some stories to let the guests and family members know about the most valuable parts of his character. No matter who we are talking about, everyone has a positive part in his or her character. These parts are the best to be brought to light, making sure that people will hear about it. This action, as you would figure, will make him feel comforted and proud of you as his mother. Isn’t that all of what a mother needs after her son’s marriage?

Then you can also tell some stories to speak about the support the bride offered in his life. I am sure there are plenty of very good reasons why they decided to join their lives together, so you should definitely mention the bride’s part. If you fail to mention the bride, it will be very disrespectful, because even if she isn’t your daughter, you should be treating her exactly as if she would. That means, also, that upon mentioning her, you make sure she feels like that.

It is more than necessary to not only stick with telling stories. Yes, indeed these stories are great for a mother of the groom speech, but you can offer a whole lot more than just that.

For instance, you can tell people how special the bride is, what her character is like and why you have a great relationship with her.

Then, the ending of the mother of the groom speech is with a toast proposal, to celebrate the happiness of the young couple.

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